Welcome to St Hilda, Prestwich

St Hilda’s is a Forward in Faith Parish in the Diocese of Manchester and under the Pastoral Care of the Bishop of Beverley

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To love God through the Eucharist, Prayer and the Sacraments. To love and help each other through our shared beliefs, values and sense of community.



It is our hope that you will enjoy your visit to this website, but also find it to be an interesting and helpful and means of discovering who we are and what happens at St Hilda, Prestwich.  We are a growing church that sits within the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England.  Our motto is ‘Faith and Fun’, one that expresses our dual focus of a church with its the heart in the local community.  The congregation is open and has a welcome second to none that encompasses all ages and backgrounds, and sets no expectations other than a willingness to embrace the love of God.

Once you have ‘surfed’ the website we hope that you might feel motivated to visit us and to worship Almighty God amongst a congregation who would love to meet you as an individual, or as a family and hope that you might become part of the family of St Hilda.

We very much look forward to meeting you!

Fr R Croft

“The happy birds Te Deum sing – ‘tis Mary’s month of May,

Her smile turns winter into spring and darkness into day.”

This year we celebrate this loveliest of months,  as the readings during Mass take us through the story of Jesus’ time on earth following his Resurrection; how he appeared to his disciples with the message to continue his work.

He met with them in the Upper Room when Thomas wanted tangible proof before he would accept that the Lord really had risen; he encountered the disciples on the road to Emmaus who failed to recognize him until he broke the bread at supper and he greeted Peter and the others at the side of the lake and shared breakfast with them.

Through all the teachings of Jesus we hear the theme of “Love thy neighbour”.

There are so many charitable organisations that exist to try and put this into action. Christian Aid Week starts on 15th May – this a body that is doing its best to restore some balance into this unjust world.

How lucky we are that most people in this country  have somewhere to live, food on the table, and access to the Health Service and to Education.

What a contrast to all those countries where such facilities are the stuff of dreams and men, women and children are dying through lack of resources.

We should be guided by the Five Marks of Mission of which the third tells us clearly to respond to human need by loving service.

Let us take long hard look at ourselves to see what the balance is between what we can do and what we are actually doing.

God Bless