Welcome to St Hilda, Prestwich

St Hilda’s is a Forward in Faith Parish in the Diocese of Manchester and under the Pastoral Care of the Bishop of Beverley

Back to normal – well nearly.  Please see the menu bar “We’re Back” for details.  Join us at 11am.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To love God through the Eucharist, Prayer and the Sacraments. To love and help each other through our shared beliefs, values and sense of community.


It is our hope that you will your visit to this website to be both an interesting and helpful and a means of discovering who we are and what happens at St Hilda, Prestwich.  We are a growing church that sits within the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England.  Our motto is ‘Faith and Fun’, one that expresses our dual focus of a church with its the heart in the local community.  The congregation is open and has a welcome second to none that encompasses all ages and backgrounds, and sets no expectations other than a willingness to embrace the love of God.

Once you have ‘surfed’ the website we hope that you might feel motivated to visit us and to worship Almighty God amongst a congregation who would love to meet you as an individual, or as a family and become part of the family of St Hilda.

We look forward to meeting you!

Fr R Croft

“In the days of Thanksgiving one psalm let us offer, for the saints who before us have found their reward…

 These stones that have echoed their praises are holy and dear is the ground where their feet have once trod”

How the words of this hymn are at this time so appropriate for St Hilda’s, as on the 17th of this month we celebrate the anniversary of our Dedication.

In October 1904 Bishop Knox consecrated St Hilda’s and therefore  in 2021 we shall be celebrating  117 years of service in God’s Name to the people of Prestwich.

St Hilda’s has stood as a bastion of Faith through all those years and we continue today to provide a haven of Welcome and Worship.

The memory of the Dedication reminds us of the debt that we owe to all those parishioners who through the intervening years have helped to preserve and pass on this wonderful heritage. It is our duty to continue this and to ensure that it is always there for the generations still to come.

On Sunday 17th at the Solemn High Mass, along with Canon Denby, I shall be giving thanks for all the blessings that we have received and praying that St Hilda’s  will be always a Beacon of Light and Hope as it continues to serve the needs of our Parish, our Children and  the Community around us.

God Bless