Welcome to St Hilda, Prestwich

St Hilda’s is a Forward in Faith Parish in the Diocese of Manchester and under the Pastoral Care of the Bishop of Beverley.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To love God through the Eucharist, Prayer and the Sacraments. To love and help each other through our shared beliefs, values and sense of community.

It is our hope that you will find visiting this website an interesting and helpful experience and a means of discovering who we are and what happens at St Hilda, Prestwich.  We are a growing church that sits within the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England and has a focus on the community.  The congregation is open and has a welcome second to none that embraces all ages and backgrounds and sets no expectations other than a willingness to embrace the love of God.

Once you have traversed the website we hope that you might feel moved to visit us and to worship Almighty God amongst a congregation who would love to meet you as an individual, or as a whole family and become part of the family of St Hilda.

We look forward to meeting you!

Fr R Croft

“My House will be a House of Prayer”

October is a special month for St Hilda’s.  In October 1904 the Bishop of Manchester dedicated the newly built church on Whittaker Lane to “the glory of God” and in the name of St Hilda of Whitby.

On the 20th of the month we will be celebrating the anniversary of this Dedication and will be offering prayers of Thanksgiving for 115 years of service in the community in Prestwich.

A church is just a building – the real strength of St Hilda’s is the community of the faithful – the hundreds, and perhaps thousands, who have come into this beautiful building during all those years to worship together in celebration of the Holy Mass.

This continues today as Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday and on five other days every week.

However, the motto of St Hilda’s is “Faith and Fun” as we come together not only in prayer but also in Friendship in our wide range of social activities.

As we start a month that is scheduled to have a momentous conclusion for the whole country let us pray that those in power receive and act upon the Gift of Wisdom in all their decision making.

God Bless