We are now into the season of Advent, the four weeks of waiting and of preparation for the momentous event that we celebrate on the 25th December, the birth of Our Saviour..

During Advent the church encourages us to take a long hard look at ourselves to see whether we are in a fit state to welcome the Christ Child into our hearts.

We mark the passing of the four weeks in church with an Advent Wreath; its five candles lit one by one as each week passes with the last one in the centre being lit on Christmas Day.

As I write this the national lockdown is due to end on 2nd December; let us pray that this is allowed to happen so that we can come together in person for Holy Mass on the remaining three Advent Sundays and on Christmas Day.

We will hold our Christmas Mass at 10.00am (an hour earlier than usual) on Christmas Day itself.  This year there will be no service on Christmas Eve. How we will miss the Carols and being able to wish friends a Happy Christmas with a hug, but the priority must be to keep safe!

I wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas and a healthy and joyous New Year.