“Jesus lives, our hearts know well, nought from us his love shall sever.”

We set off into the new month of April in the heart of the most significant seven days in the church’s year – Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday – Jesus and his apostles were gathered together for a meal, as they did every year, to celebrate the feast of the Passover; but this time it was to be so different! Jesus uttered the Words “This is My Body” and “This is My Blood” over the bread and wine – an act that is perpetuated every single day by a priest somewhere in the world.

This meal, the Last Supper,  was the start of the momentous story of the Passion; after the gathering in the Upper Room  the tension begins to rise as we see Jesus alone in The Garden of Gethsemane, terrified because of what he was going to endure yet agreeing to go through with it to fulfil the Will of his Father.

The 14 Stations of the Cross take us through the events of the next three days, Good Friday through to Easter Sunday. To many such an account of betrayal, humiliation, brutality and execution would seem an utter failure but as Christians we know that it was just the opposite.  Death was not the end; as on Easter morning the stone was rolled away and our Lord and Saviour rose from the tomb. He has conquered death, the way to heaven has been opened up for all mankind.

I pray that you and your loved ones have a peaceful and joyful Easter and that our lives will soon no longer be overshadowed by this dreadful virus.

God Bless

On the 17th of February, the first day of Lent, we set out on a journey together, a journey that we shall be following throughout this month of March until we arrive together on 4th April  at the glorious feast of Easter.

This Lenten journey of forty days is a time for reflection, as we travel we need to look at ourselves to see clearly just what we need to do to keep to the right path and not be tempted to go astray.

We are reminded how Jesus went through just such a period of forty days in the desert, undergoing temptations from the devil as he prepared himself for his three years of ministry.

When we set out on a long journey, we are obliged to stop at intervals in order to take on refreshment to keep us going. As we make our Lenten journey we should be doing the same; here at St Hilda’s we have the opportunity for spiritual “refreshment stops” with the weekly prayer sessions every Saturday in church and the Stations of the Cross on Zoom each Sunday evening. Please take advantage of these if you are able.

We are all travelling this road together, let us extend a helping hand in whatever way we can to those in need, those struggling to keep up or even straying from the right path. We can do this through prayer or in deeds of charity, so that we will all be able to arrive together  at the end of this forty day journey to celebrate   the Resurrection of the Lord.

God Bless