Where has this year gone? Here we are at the start of the season of Autumn as days begin to shorten and we see nature losing its vibrant summer colours and starting to dress in glorious reds and browns.

This is a month when we think of angels, those beings who stand around the throne of God in constant praise and who have the role of messengers of the Almighty. Remember in Jacob’s dream of how he saw a ladder reaching up to heaven with angels carrying messages constantly ascending and descending between heaven and earth.

Chief among the angels are the Archangels, each with a special role. We remember in particular Michael the Warrior who drove Lucifer from heaven, Gabriel the Messenger who brought the wonderful Message to Mary, Raphael the angel of Healing and Uriel, not so well known, the angel of Light. 

In our Sunday Mass we agree to praise God along with the Angels and Archangels.

We each have been given a Guardian Angel, who has the task of protecting us and to whom we can and should turn for help when the problems of everyday life are getting us down.

Let us pray that all the school children and students  who this month  are making a fresh start in new schools, colleges and universities, are given the courage and wisdom to succeed in and enjoy whatever the future holds for them.

God Bless