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February, the second month of the year; the dark nights are getting shorter as more and more light begins to take over.

Light is so important to us. In the words of the hymn:- “Jesus bids us shine, with a clear blue light, Like a little candle burning in the night; in this world of darkness, we must shine, You in your small corner, and I in mine.”

I know of many people who are afraid of the dark and who are so thankful for the security provided by the street lights  when they have to go out in the evening.  When I was Vicar of Watersheddings in Oldham, the ladies used to remind me that when you reach the second Sunday in February you can have your tea without having to put on the light!  As each day passes the daylight gets longer and longer. There is a great hope of Spring just around the corner and with it much more light

 Jesus said of himself “I am the Light of the World”. May this Light that he brings us help us to see a clear way forward. 

The virus has meant that we have all been in a dark place and so we pray that that soon we shall be seeing the light at the end of tunnel.  It is in times like these when we need to support each other in the struggle to keep each other safe and offer a helping hand towards the Light.

Candles mean so much as they provide light in so many ways. They show your age on the birthday cake, at a baptism the baby receives a lighted candle (usually held by the Godparents), candles are lit in church as we celebrate the Holy Mass, we light votive candles as we offer prayers.

May all our candles be a symbol of the hope that we feel as we move towards the glorious feast of the Resurrection at Easter.

God Bless