Events 2022

Christmas Fair

Saturday 3rd December saw a very busy day at the Croft. All the stalls were very busy indeed coping with the huge crowds that came on the day. Many of the members of the congregation said that the crowds were the largest they had seen since they had been coming to church – and why? Two reasons:

First, the quality of things on sale and not forgetting the delicious food being served from the kitchen which added something special to the morning and secondly, the arrival of a special guest who made the children scream with joy. Yes, Father Christmas was there, he walked through the crowds to his special Grotto constructed in the corridor where each child could speak to him and share their Christmas wishes before receiving a free little gift to help them remember the day. All the children were ‘Nice’, none were ‘Naughty’ so it was a lot of fun.

The photographs show some of the visitors as Fr Christmas arrived and others in private conversation with him but with permission of their parents. The photograph below shows children busily writing their letters to Santa that he taken away with him on the day – no doubt he will be writing replies very soon!!

Another special occasion in what has become known as a ‘friendly and welcoming church in the heart of our community’.

St Hilda’s Day

On Sunday 20th November we were privileged to welcome friends and neighbours to the celebration of our Patron Saint Hilda, Abbess of Whitby. Our preacher and concelebrant was Fr Tom Davis SSC, Parish Priest at St Margaret, Hollingwood and were joined by three other Society priests (who also concelebrated), two Society deacons and two priests from the Mission Community as well as lay people from local parishes and from our own community. Fr Croft presided.

It was a joyful occasion with lovely hymns and a prayerful and spiritual atmosphere. All joined us for fellowship and refreshments in the Croft following the service.

Maker’s Market

Another day when we welcomed so many new friends to St Hilda’s as the Croft was full of children and adults for the Winter Maker’s Market.

This year we used the Croft and the church itself to house the many stalls which were extremely varied. It was incredible to see the skills of those who brought their wares for sale, ranging from bird boxes and chopping boards, to beautifully decorated bottles, Christmas cards, candles and so much more.  The collage below shows the stalls before the doors were opened.

As always, we are grateful to the Croft Committee for the arrangements for the day.  Carole masterminded the kitchen with the help of Lynda and Sheila, Julie hosted the Church stall with the help of Sheila and must thank Ken, our Church Warden for his help during the day.

From what was said by the stall holders, it seems that all did well in sales and St Hilda’s raised a goodly sum through the Café, Christmas Stall. and the sale of tables.  At the end of the day the total to church funds was £651.

The New York Marathon 2022

Dominic Parry achieved a life-long dream to be able to run and complete the New York Marathon. He did just that on Sunday, 6th November. He completed the run in a little over 5 hours having ‘gone over’ on his ankle at 6 miles into the run. A fantastic outcome not only for him and his family but for the many who will benefit from his hard work.

A wonderful photo of a ‘winner’

Sadly, we have heard that Dominic has actually broken his ankle but stoically carried on. Amazing.

Dominic ran on behalf of the National Autistic Society with an aim of raising £2275. However, at the time of writing this note he has, so far, raised £2363. Congratulations to all of the runners and the charities they have supported.

The photograph above shows Dominic proudly showing his medal – he certainly deserved it!

Remembering those who died during Covid and since

We were privileged to host this service on Sunday 30th October. We welcomed many new friends to St Hilda’s who were invited to share with us the names of those who had died during the pandemic and others more recently. Each person was asked to bring photograph and to come forward to light a candle as their names were called. Some came on their own, others in pairs or in larger groups but all expressed feeling of contentment or closure. Many had been unable to attend a funeral and so this was a very significant event for them.

In total we remembered 47 people whose relatives and friends were invited to stay behind and share in tea/coffee and cakes and tell each other about those who had passed away.

Below are a few of the photographs taken on the night.

Harvest Supper

What a fantastic night it was as we gathered in the Croft on 21st October for an evening of Bingo, Potato Pie, Cheese Pie and Cakes.

It was also a night for records to be set! There were 70 people present, the highest number anyone can remember for the Harvest Supper, and the income was an astonishing £730, again a record setting amount. The atmosphere was electric with laughter and excitement. Given the high attendance figure the Bingo payout allowed for substantial amounts to be paid for both a ‘line’ and for a ‘full house’ and we even had a 73rd birthday to celebrate!

Sadly, because it was an extremely busy evening none of the committee took any photographs but all of us will vividly remember such a wonderful evening together.

Our thanks go to Maryrose for sponsoring the food and to the Croft Committee for organising such a splendid night and for working so hard ‘before the event and afterwards’, as Fr Croft put it.

Drop in

The 20th October was our monthly Drop in held, as usual, in the Croft.

Over recent months there has been a steady increase in those attending this mission area of the parish’s work. The increase continued once more with the highest number of people sharing in the fellowship with 38 people present.

The Drop in is a “place of welcome” where you can enjoy fellowship, good food, warmth and even a game of bingo. The next date is set for 17th November at – so please come along and share in the fellowship and friendship of all at St Hilda’s.

Plans are already in hand for the Christmas Drop in so don’t miss out!

Harvest Festival

St Hilda’s Church held its Harvest Festival on Sunday 2nd October and the PCC decided to send our porch box collections and indeed our harvest produce to support a new, and more local Food Bank which is to be launched on 11th October 2022 called ‘Heaton Park Food Pantry’. Gifts may still be brought to church as usual and left in our porch box or brought to any of our services. The photograph shows the generosity of our church members which we know will be of help to many people.

‘All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above’

On Thursday our Primary School came into to church to share their harvest with their parents and friends. They too joined with the church in supporting the new Food Bank. Below is a gallery of the children performing, listening and joining in.

Fish and Chips supper and Dancing for all

On the 2nd September at 7pm the Croft was filled with people who came to enjoy an evening of dancing, laughter and fun as well as enjoying some delicious Fish and Chips! The photographs below give you a hint of what went on.

Asher, Abi, Maryrose and others having fun
We just could not keep them off the floor!!
Mary, Marcelle, Pat and Vera enjoying a little ‘tipple’

The evening was a splendid success with over 50 people attending and it made £561.15. Magnificent!

Baptism of Gwen Eloise Walker

Sunday 28th August was the baptism of Gwen Eloise during the 11am Mass. She was well supported by Godparents and family who joined with the family of St Hilda’s and made the day even more special for everyone.

The photograph below shows Gwen’s Godparents and her mum, Jenny, and dad, Paul making the Christian Promises that Gwen will repeat for herself at her confirmation.

Godparents supporting Gwen with mum and dad and some young friends

The moment of Baptism. Fr Croft sprinkles water on Gwen’s head and makes her a member of the church, not just of St Hilda’s Church, but of the Church of God throughout the world.

Fr Croft baptising Gwen

Blessing of a marriage

Tom and Rebekah Day, the musicians at our Scones of Praise, and were married in Stamford on 28th May this year, asked for their wedding to be blessed at St Hilda’s. Fr Croft did the honours part way through the Sunday morning Mass. The congregation were then treated to Cake, Prosecco and Sherry after the service.

Rebekah and Tom Day with Fr Croft and our Sub Deacon for the Day, Alex Walker

Our congratulations go to a lovely couple.

Scones of Praise

On Saturday the 13th August with the sun beating down and temperatures reaching 31 degrees, Scones of Praise was held in the Croft.  All the doors were opened, and the four electronically controlled sky lights were opened, and a lovely breeze wafted through the building.

We welcomed 34 people to an afternoon of scones, chocolate cake, shortbread biscuits, Tea loaf, lemon drizzle, ginger cake, flapjacks, iced buns and chocolate cookies and we sang 26 hymns, chosen by those who attended, as well as enjoying a solo and finally a piano duet where we clapped along to the Radetzky March.  Truly a wonderful event that has become an annual joy to all.

The musical afternoon was led by Rebekah and Tom Day and we were extremely grateful to them for making the afternoon such a pleasurable occasion.

The event made a remarkable £241 but we gather that donations may still yet be received.

The cakes were baked by the Croft committee of Carole, Sheila, Julie and Lynda who can be seen in the photograph.

The Committee

Thanks to everyone who attended and those who gave a donation on the day and beyond.

9th July Makers’ Market

The sun shone brightly on a wonderful day held both in the Croft and on the Croft Lawn. There was an enormous turnout of people eager to see what had been made by our 17 crafters and they were not disappointed.

We were blessed by different craft items and below there is a small selection of stalls to give you a ‘feel’ for the day, but the atmosphere felt more like a party than a craft sale.

As well as the Craft stalls our Croft Cafe sold chip cones, sausage or/and bacon sandwiches, toasties of different kinds as well as tea/coffee/fruit juices and there was an area on the lawn for people to sit and enjoy their food.

Our thanks to all of our cafe ladies, home-bakers, to our knitters, wood craftsman and to the tombola seller, but especially to the Croft committee for their organisation before and on the day.

4th June Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea

What a wonderful afternoon this was as we gathered to give thanks for Her Majesty The Queen and congratulate her on 70 marvellous years as our Monarch. The Croft was full and many wore costumes of different kinds to bring colour and fun to the event. This was not a fundraiser but an opportunity for the church to come together with a common cause on this special weekend.

May 6th Hotpot Supper and Beetle Drive

Thank you to the Croft Committee for their organization of the event. It was extremely well attended and a fun evening maintain St Hilda’s motto of Faith and Fun in action! A total of £430 was raised for church funds!

March 18th Lenten Supper

Continuing our annual tradition, parishioners and friends sat down to a hearty meal of either meat and potato pie or the alternative of the cheese and onion variety (All sponsored by Maryrose)

55 portions (plus seconds) were served and the evening was rounded off with the customary games of bingo.

The magnificent sum of £600 was raised, towards church funds.

Thanks are due to all those who worked so hard and contributed to such a successful evening.