The month of April begins with Holy Week and concludes the season of Lent.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday as we recall our Lord’s triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem riding the foal of an Ass.  It was a day of rejoicing, of expectation and of hope at a time of oppression by the Roman authorities.  We think of the disciples and their journey with our Lord as they surely moved from joy to despair and back again.

Maundy Thursday was the day when Christ instituted the Eucharist and shall recall that in our church at 7.30pm.  This will be followed by a Watch as we ‘stay awake’ with Christ a sit in silence as the sacrament is exposed.

Then comes Good Friday, ‘good’ because it led to the Resurrection and to the joy of Easter Day.  Jesus is betrayed, beaten, and made to carry the weight of the Cross, a symbol of his dying for each one of us. This service begins at 2pm.

Holy Saturday is a day of reflection, contemplation and waiting, as we think of Christ in his tomb.  The silence the fear and desolation of his followers, even though he had told them what was to happen.  At 8pm we will light the New Fire, bless the Paschal Candle as light is spread throughout the church to prepare us for the Easter Mass.

And finally, Easter Day.  The joy of the of Christ’s resurrection and the hope for all of us of eternal life.

In a way the week mirrors our lives with its joys and sorrow, feelings of loss and uncertainty, silence and waiting.  Many suffer, and not because they should but because it is part of life.  Pray for one another in our parish, pray for family, friends and neighbours, enjoy an Easter Egg, a reminder of his Tomb.

Do come and join us for all or any of the services.

Fr Paul joins with me in wishing you all a very happy Easter.

May God bless you all.

Reverend Fr. Ronald Croft