Parochial Church Council

PCC Meeting 25/9/17

The Committee congratulated and extended their good wishes to Canon Denby on the 40th anniversary of his ordination.

Ken distributed a document detailing the H&S structure at St Hilda’s.  Dominic was appointed as duty warden.  The key holder list is to be updated.

The PCC members expressed their thanks to Canon Denby for his hard work in the creation of the new church hall – The Croft.  A management committee has been set up, Chair – Andrea, Vice Chair – Julie and members – Phyllis, Carole, Maryrose and Sal.

A procedure for booking the hall was agreed.

There was a lengthy discussion about provision for children during the Mass.  It was decided to continue the discussion at the next PCC Meeting in November

PCC Meeting 30/5/17

Sheila Mullen was co-opted on to the PCC.

The new church annexe is well under way.  Canon Denby reported that the official opening will take place on 20th September in the presence of the Bishop of Beverley and the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester.

MAP. It was decided to hold an extraordinary PCC Meeting on 26th June to discuss one area of the MAP – Community Links


APCM 23/4/17

Phyllis Lefevre and Maryrose Thompson were elected as Churchwardens

Phyllis Lefevre, Ken Mullen and Sheila Mullen were elected to the Deanery Synod

The following were elected as members of the PCC – Marcelle Baluch, Julie Denby, Irene Egerton, Margaret Finch, Pat Lamb, Marion Lees, Sally March, Mary Phillips, Dominic Parry, Andrea Smethurst, Peggy Smith, Walter Thompson, Joe Walk.

PCC Meeting 27/3/17

Major items discussed

We will discontinue employing a gardener.  The work will be done “in house”.  Ken Mullen will coordinate

Following the death of Chris Dillon Ken Mullen will take over as Health and Safety Officer.

Katy Lavin and Chris Lawton have resigned as School Governors due to work commitments.  The Committee approved that Carole East be appointed as a replacement.

APCM 17/4/16

At the APCM on 17th April the following were elected to the PCC : Marcelle Baluch, Julie Denby, Chris Dillon, Margaret Finch, Roberta Gilmore, Pat Lamb, Marion Lees, Luke Martin, Ken Mullen, Stephen Smith, Les Withers.

Maryrose Thompson and Phyllis Lefevre were elected nem con as Churchwardens, and as such are members of the PCC  ex officio.

James Cullen and Joe Walk are members of the Deanery Synod and are therefore both members of the PCC ex-officio.

On 23rd May the following officers were elected: Secretary –  Joe Walk, Treasurer – Phyllis Lefevre, Gift Aid Secretary – Les Withers, Sacristan – Stephen Smith, H&S Officer – Stephen Smith, Person responsible for Child Protection and the care of vulnerable adults – Joe Walk

Meeting 11th July 2016

Major items discussed

Constitution of the Choir – this is for further discussion at the next meeting in September,

Setting up a working group to prepare the Mission Action Plan – Marion, Phyllis and Joe from the PCC. Other members may be co-opted.

Stephen has resigned as H&S Officer, the role will be taken over by Chris Dillon.

The Committee  unanimously agreed to nominate Joe as a Eucharistic Lay Minister


Joe resigned as PCC Secretary.  The role has been taken over by Michael Carroll. He is not a member of the Committee.

The choir is to continue as heretofore; it was proposed to hold a rehearsal of the psalm and hymns with the congregation before the Sunday Mass at 10.45.  This would be led by Canon Denby.

Members of the MAP steering committee have arranged to meet Mike Chesterton from the Diocese to discuss the way forward.

Luke and Roberta have both resigned from the PCC.