To all our friends at St Hilda’s

Here we are in February the dark nights are getting shorter as more and more light begins to take over. There is a great hope of Spring just around the corner and with it much more light.

Last Sunday we welcomed Fr Lewis to St Hilda’s as we held the wonderful service of Candlemas. Where all the parishioners were presented with a candle which was then lit and blessed at the start of this beautiful mass.   It is a service that marks the end of the Christmas season.  

Light is so important to us. In the words of the hymn: – “Jesus bids us shine, with a clear blue light, like a little candle burning in the night. In this world of darkness, we must shine, you in your small corner, and I in mine.”

 Jesus said of himself “I am the Light of the World” May this Light that he brings us help us to see a clear way forward. May all our candles be a symbol of the hope as we move towards the glorious feast of the Resurrection at Easter.

We will begin our Lenten journey here at St Hilda’s on Ash Wednesday with the Imposition of Ashes on 14th. This will be a said Mass at 10.30am. Please come along and join us as we begin our Lenten journey, culminating in his Glorious Resurrection.

It is sad that we live in a world where inexplicable things happen, we hear daily of friends and family whom we love falling ill, or even worse passing away. We have heard this week of our King who has been diagnosed with cancer. Our prayers ascend for him and for all who suffer from this dreadful illness. We pray that God’s healing hand will work wonders and find a cure and give them the strength to fight this illness with the help of the doctors, nurses and their families. God can and does still works miracles in the lives of people.

God’s love for us is constant and as strong as ever.  His arms are open to welcome all who would come to him and long to change their lives, find a new path and experience God’s grace.

Why not join us on Ash Wednesday as we begin the Season of Lent and walk with Our Lord. St Hilda’s is renowned for its welcome and hospitality, you will be warmly welcomed at any of our services or at our weekly coffee Morning on a Tuesday or the Monthly Community Drop-In Lunch. All the information on these two events are on this website.

Lastly, for those who wish to have an update on Father Croft, He is home and doing well. He is able to attend the Holy Mass with the help of one of our parishioners. Father Croft, Ken, our churchwarden and all the PCC are eternally grateful to the Failsworth Team Ministry under the leadership of Reverend Father Canon Paul Hutchins for all they have done and do for St Hilda’s during this time.

Yours in Christ

Carole East      PCC Secretary

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